4 Elements avec Vlad Jandov

yoga iyengar – pranayama


Les 9-10-11 Décembre 2022

This is a series of workshop with Vladimir, each one is 60-90 min long depending on the theme. Some are more time consuming and require more preparation such Fire and Air Element themes. 4 Elements of Nature : correlation between them and Ayurveda point of view and how to integrate these into our yoga Asana Sadhana.


— A propos de Vladimir

Vladimir started on his path of self development at age of 13, by first discovering and immersing into eastern Martial Arts, and later on discovered yoga and  practiced Yoga for over two decades and has been teaching since 2002. 
He trained with some of the most known and respected teachers in the U.S., Europe and the Iyengar family in India and still continues to deepen his knowledge and experience in his field.  
Ever interested in remedial modalities, he completed a 3-year therapeutic yoga training program in Los Angeles in 2017. 
Drawing from his various experiences and lineages, Vladimir has a dynamic and creative teaching style and strives to take his students beyond their perceived limits by encouraging them to try less commonly taught asanas in a safe, methodical way and uses his humor to interact with and pays close attention to everyone in the room.  
A teacher trainer,  he owns a yoga alliance registered school -Yoga Ratna, with an international following, and travels extensively every year, conducting workshops at studios Internationally, leads yoga retreats to various exotic and interesting locations around the world and when not traveling Vlad is based and offers classes in Barcelona area. 




Earth 🌍 element – Utthita sthiti or standing poses we will begin by analyzing how to cultivate stability within our foundation which is very important before attempting to advance into other more complicated poses.


Water💧element – Upavistha sthiti or seated poses and asanas involving pelvic floor area of the body.
Pranayama and restorative poses. We will be moving Prana Vayu which facilitate and enable us to reap more therapeutic benefits from these category of poses.

Fire 🔥 element – Udara Akunchana sthiti or upper body & accessing core by tapping into biomechanics of finding out center of gravity in various category of poses.



Air 🌬 element – Viparita & Purva Pratana Sthiti or Inversions and backbends. We will start with inversión oriented poses and work with our Prana Vayu (vital energy) by incorporating a vigorous vinyasa practice, followed by backbends such as Scorpio pose among others.


Prix du workshop à l’unité 70 CHF

  • pour 2 workshops : 130 CHF
  • pour le weekend entier : 190 CHF (tarif réduit de 10% pour les membres avec pass/abo chez Deva ou AVS–ETU–CHO)

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